D3.js Starter Kit

All you need to get started with D3.js. Based on the Web Starter Kit by Google, this site is packed with a diverse set of learning materials, complete with two original demos.


bootstrap custom async popup banner

A Bootstrap 3.3.5 async popover extension. No content is loaded until the user requests it by hovering, clicking, etc. Then, it is loaded asynchronously.


Featured Article

Slack is a popular team communication app.  Their loading animation is fun to watch.  This is a breakdown of one man's single element slack loading animation on Codepen.


how'd they do that?

See how onlycoin.com used GSAP for HTML5, and CSS mastery to create interactive art that both informs the user and leaves a lasting impression.



image of portfolio app

The New Sencha Touch 2.4.2 SplitView Portfolio

Publish your portfolio with a mobile portfolio for all devices. Sencha's platform targeting feature enables adaptive rendering for iOS, Android, and Windows devices all in one mobile web application. I created this portfolio application, for software developers and digital designers, to render a SplitView on the tablet, and a TableView on the phone.  In chrome, safari, or a modern version of IE, go ahead and launch the demo right from the desktop. Of course, feel free to launch it from your mobile device!